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Recycling and Active Technologies

Intelligent Tools for Production

Robotics in an Innovative Experience

Workshop 3D Printing in Practice

Workshop Arduino Day

Educational Robotics

Core Engineering Robotics and Sustainable Educational Development 


Promote creative development continuously and integrated compared to large global talent.



Computer and Technology


Metallurgical industry

Industrial and Home Automation

Going on in the factory!

What It is rolling in our spare room for development projects

Video gallery

See us have an idea for a new experiment? Costruction want to start a new project team in your region in the best possible way? Or work with our low-cost resources Whatever your needs the NERDES Factory can develop solutions you can count on us! Fill out this form or write us at our mailbox, and we will contact solutions and ideas.

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Notices and tutorials gallery

Robotics tournament Affordable


The first tournament of affordable robotics, provides a direct interaction between participants, high technology and interaction environments stimulate the perception of the areas of science, mathematics and engineering, as well as creating a contributory resolution to the participants.​



In Worldskillssaopaulo2015 the Nerdes Factory held the presentation of the main trends of the technological world. Integration of Technology and Methodology with emphasis on mobile robotic platforms and the integration of printing technology and 3D modeling systems.

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